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Agile Employee Generated Learning and Development Design for organisations, partners and customers. Helps in generate value by reduce production-, training costs and increase the operational ability and quality of creating joint value. Unlike open courses and purchased film productions from external suppliers.

  1. 78 % of CEO are are concerned about the availability of key skills, Source PWC.
  2. 65 % Of employees at mentally-healthy organizations are offered opportunities to learn, specifically to acquire new skills, diversify their work, and experience autonomy. Source: Mental Health America 2017 ‘Mind the Workplace
  3. 62% of learning activities in workplaces is informal, compared with only 38% formal learning, Source: Conference Board of Canada
  4. In high-performance organizations, employees share knowledge with their colleagues at a rate four-times greater than that of workers in lower-performing firms.
  5. Achieving a Continuous Learning Culture Requires a Mindset Rooted in Learning How to Learn
  6. L&D Must be a Continuous Process like in SCRUM, Not a Periodic Exercise like Waterfall.
  7. Understand (And Care) About What (Younger) Employees Want will be the SuccessFactor in Growth for individuals, teams and organizations.

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials, a generation used to helping themselves to the learning they need whenever they need it.

Additionally, by 2020, 20% of the global workforce will consist of the Gen-Z cohort.

Together, these new learners combine to produce a learner population keen to leverage the best learning technologies to enable their development.

For more infor on how see: ACREDOS Agile Employee Generated Learning LINK

Why and when to use Employee-Generated Learning?

Much knowledge is available from colleagues who sit around us who also provide input to other perspectives than our own. By sharing, exploring and advocating each other’s experiences and perspectives with Employee generated Content, we also get access to the “Tacit knowledge” and information near the source.

Therefore, employees are an excellent source of knowledge and development:

• Employees understand the brand and the message best.

• You know they’re smart-you’re working with them!

• They have direct contact with the customers and know what questions they want to answer.

Why video?

All are not born to writers or want to write. Most of the organization can teach you and other colleagues a lot through a simple clear conversation. So why not catch it and make it easy for employees to contribute to increased commitment and knowledge. Win-win, right?

How to get the EGL in your business?

  1. Set a realistic goal: Once per month is probably a good starting point. Once you have found Who Which is good for which Type of content, you can start, increase the amount and frequency of EGC. Try small and learn everything because.
  2. Identify The competence areas of the organization/team: including your own. Who is good for explaining the Technical aspects On your products and services? Who has Direct Customer Insight Who can answer what customers want and need? Who can talk about the Upcoming trends In your industry?
  3. Customize the skills/ability areas for the main stories you want to tell: Once you have done that, you have a good starting point to build a well-balanced personalgenererad content for learning and development.


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